Live Wire!

Action 1999 Windows SCi Games Cartoon

Kind of broken by the 3D perspective...

Live Wire! Is a puzzler, asking you to get into a kind of logic mind game, the kind that a game called Painter was known to ask you to sink into, or, for those that never saw or hear of that one, a kind of Tron like paint lines with light kind of thing. As you'd expect, to successfully complete the challenges the games pits you against, you would be much better off seeing the game from up above, controlling your racer from a perspective where your surroundings make more sense to you, where you are more capable of knowing what is coming your way, or when you should initiate a bend. Thus, Live Wire!, from its perspective, and from its point of view is kind of hard to get inside of; it just doesn't allow you the same degree of freedom of sight, if you know what I mean. Thus, you'll miss powerups quite a bit, you'll miss corners and so on. And, with all these issues, the biggest pity is that you won't be able to really enjoy it, unfortunately, because it sure is a colorful, energizing game. But, yes, the developers scarified playability for looks, which, as you'll see for yourself, is not that good an idea, for puzzler heavy games.

Fun at first, repetitive later

Live Wire is an action puzzle game that was developed by SCi Games. Many consider this game to be part of the wrong genre, in a bad way. Supposedly, this is a puzzle game, however many claim the opposite. The object of the game is simple: you ride in a vehicle similar to the light cycles from Tron and have to claim tiles as your own before your opponents. During gameplay, you can be aided by different power-ups, each with different effects. The graphics is a nice combination of 3D and cartoon style and the sound effects are great. Even though the game has over 50 levels and there are different themes, the game feels repetitive after a couple of levels because you will be doing the same thing over and over again...

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