Smart Dots

Puzzle 1991 Dos Desconocido Strategic scope

Play dots on your notebook!

Smart Dots is a very simple, very straightforward recreation of the classic Dots game, which many of us might have played while growing up. All that was needed was a notebook, preferably a math, square box type grid one to help with the design of the grid and a willing colleague. The rules were simple: you had to link a number of dots (3 to 5 or even more, depending on the version of the game played) while your opponent had to do the same to block you, while also looking to beat you by linking the same number of dots before you. In this game, the situation is just the same, heck, the playing field is the same, a top down Ant Attack type perspective of a math notebook, so the atmosphere is right there. The computer can play against you quite proficiently, though you can also hot seat a human adversary if you want. So, this very simply, very tasteful game will take you back to your teenage days, or it will teach you the basics of a really great timewaster, to be played in school, at whatever level you might be at. Have a go and don't forget: you have to link the dots together!

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