Bolo Adventures II

Puzzle 1991 Dos Soleau Software Strategic scope

Clever and addictive

Soleau Software is home to a number of clever and inventive little puzzlers that provide plenty of head scratching entertainment, from the likes of Antrun to Crusher Castle 2. The Bolo Adventures series is a particularly addictive trilogy which marks the best output from the company and this second installment doesn't stint on the fun, making it well worth a look for puzzle fans. The formula continues in much the same way as its predecessor but adds in plenty of new elements, thus making it perfect for newcomers and old hands alike. The basic goal is simply to escape a series of single-screen levels but this is more complicated than it sounds as there are lots of hazards standing between you and freedom. These include the likes of laser beams, moving enemies, water and electrified gates and all must be dealt with by moving blocks and other such activities in order to open up routes allowing you to make your way through. There are forty new levels to try out here and they really are highly challenging and will test even hardened veterans of this kind of thing, such as Sokoban. However, the levels are rarely less than hugely entertaining to play and although it is almost certain they will take you several attempts to get right, that elusive one-more-go quality is found in abundance here. The visuals are not up to much but they certainly do the job well enough, being simple and uncluttered, while the controls are equally straightforward and will be picked up in seconds. As far as puzzle games go, this really is top notch stuff. It's clever, tough and will have you coming back for more, so if you fancy a real challenge, check this out.

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