Action 1996 Windows Sierra On-Line Beat em up

A cyborg fighting/action game

CyberGladiators pits two factions of warrior cyborg fighters against one another, on one hand the Gy Djin, and on the other the Alliance, a cyborg fighter alliance with which the Gy Djin had been in conflict for a lot of time. There isn't a lot of depth of story and of reason why these two factions need to get at each other, but that won't matter, because, for all intents and purposes you can play on either side, and thus play with any of the cyborgs you prefer. In classic fighting game style, you will meet one adversary in the ring and fight against him. Each cyborg has a number of normal moves, but also a few combos that are of his own. Combining these expertly to win takes bit of time, but, overall, CyberGladiators is not as hard as some other fighter games around. Thankfully, both the graphics and the controls are very well polished, with the controls being very responsive and immediate and the graphics being in 3D, though, you will see the action from the sides, as in a 2.5D game. Overall, the game is very playable and a lot of fun, and it has lots of cool Japanese styled cyborg fighters. A good alternative to a Japanese styled fighter game will always be Guilty Gear, so download that one too.

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