Zero Divide

Action 1995 Windows Atari Beat em up

Average action with some bad features

Another beat him up game that has tried to make it big with the fans of action game lovers but has not been able to make any sort of impact. The first thing that everyone looks out for in an action beating game is that the action and the moves are great and the controls are fine tuned. The action in the game has not been drafted well as compared to other beating games like Tough Guy or taken because the moves are pretty regular and they are not supported by good animations which are necessary for an action game. Coming towards the controls, they have been the biggest compliant in the game as the combination of the keys is pretty awkward and there is a bit of lag in the execution of the moves. Similarly when it comes to graphics, they are pretty average and the gameplay is very repetitive. I must say that the gaming engine in this one has not been designed well because whatever move you throw does not land perfectly except occasionally. You will find a lot of good games in this genre but this one is surely not the one to excite you in any way.

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