Thomas The Tank Engine 2

Puzzle 1993 Dos Alternative Arcade style

Simple but enjoyable kids racer

This follow-up to the semi-popular Thomas the Tank Engine continues the adventures of the loveable blue train and his chums in charming fashion and is safe bet if you want to keep the younger gamers in the family quiet for an hour or two. It is a sort of racing game which pits players against various characters from the TV show in a high-octane (or should that be high-coal?) race against time. There are four tracks to race on, the Main Line, the Postal Way, the Waterway and Wood Glade, each featuring a wide range of obstacles to get in your way and which include the likes of dead ends, water features and of course other trains. The various trains all have their own characteristics, for example burning fuel in a different way and with different top speeds and handling abilities and which adds to the fun. Each track features numerous paths to take, including those with dead ends, with players also required to collect letters to spell out the word 'bonus' for the chance to enter an extra level. While Thomas is fairly simple and clearly aimed at kids, it still makes for a fairly entertaining amusement. The visuals are suitably cartoon-like, with decent representations of the characters and bright, colourful backdrops which are appealing. The sound too is solid enough, with pleasant tunes and effects that don't annoy. The game's head to head mode is the best way to play as it adds a competitive edge to the game but even in single player mode this is still an enjoyable little diversion that is sure to appeal to the young and the young-at-heart.

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