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A very unique setting

The developer has been first simulating the automobile industry and has now moved towards the much important energy sector and many say that they have not been able to make an impact with this one as it is quite ordinary. Well I consider this micromanagement game as a pretty OK one because it is a unique setting which I am sure that most of you haven't tried. Your job in this game is like the one performed by public service workers where you have to micro manage different power plants and have to spread a network of power lines throughout the country. Well it might look like an over the top attempt to devise different manners of energy sector management coupled with variety of economic variables which has made the game a bit confusing. But this is a feature which I think that veteran gamers will love to encounter. The gameplay is not that good but it is the variety in the plot and the economic models in it which I found quite interesting. The graphics are good enough to be not termed as bad and the UI is also very user friendly. So overall it is not bad as people thought it is and can in fact be enjoyed.

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