Blues Brothers 2

Action 1993 Dos Dosbox Titus Interactive Platformer Arcade style

Maybe records aren t supposed to be weapons!

Titus was kind of a hit and miss development company back in the day. Some of their games managed to get some momentum, others were less likely to succeed, while others were really not that well produced altogether. This sidescroller platformer is probably a combination of not that great a game, with a lack of polish and a lack of interesting levels, plus, was the kind of game that really got a lot less exposure due to the fact that it tied in to a really bad movie production. So, all things considered, my feeling is that Blues Brothers 2 is the kind of game that could have easily been an alright deal, had it received just a modicum more attention. But it didn't and, while you can play it, it's no better or worse than, say, a commercial tie in such as McDonald Land. So, yeah, kind of a disappointment, but then again, knowing that it was Titus at the helm I kind of was prepared for it. So no hard feelings, really! Instead I went for Fatman: The Caped Consumer, which at least has a funny side to it, even if it's no jewel either!

Wear your sunglasses and ready to Blues!

The video game based on the movie is an unfortunate bust due to a lot of bad implementations that the developers have made. First of all, there's no plot at all and if it had one it has absolutely no connection to the movie whatsoever. It's just a simple platformer where you go from point A to point B. The developers should have taken lessons from the epic NES Super Mario game, which has a lot better level design. The controls, are not so good in a platformer game due to the fact that you cannot run. Instead we just walk, jump and throw record disks. While the graphics are okay, the music is annoying and all the levels have the same song! That's too bad for a Blues Brother inspired game.

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