Bio Menace 3

Action 1993 Dos Apogee Platformer Arcade style

A bit stiff, simple, but very playable platformer

The Biomenace series has never been too posed to bring the genre forward. It managed however, to offer a good enough combination of gameplay, shooting and platform sections in a graphic style reminiscent of Contra that didn't disappoint. Thus, you have your fighter looking to destroy all sort of weird creatures, some human and some alien. It is never clear enough what mages shooting lasers have to do within the game, or why your character looks as if he's just enjoying his vacation, with his green shirt and all, but whatever, the less questions you ask about the premise and the story, the better. The game makes use of a nice, not very diverse list of tilesets for the foreground and it also has nicely drawn, though repetitive backgrounds. This allows the game to be relatively straightforward in showing you where you can jump and what the layout of the game is. So, if you've been craving some Duke Nukem like shooting action in 2D and don't mind a weird, kitsch infused story, and look, Biomenace 3 will quench the thirst without a question.

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