Yo! Joe

Action 1993 Dos Dosbox Scipio Platformer Arcade style

Bog standard platforming thrills

The side scrolling platform adventure genre is not one which is lacking in fine examples, from the likes of Rick Dangerous, Magic Pockets and the Dangerous Dave series, and while Yo! Joe might not quite hit the heights of the best of these examples, it does a decent enough job and is worth checking out. The rather bizarre plot sees two graffiti artists on the run from the New York cops but whose troubles are only just beginning. As they make their escape, they take shelter in a mysterious old castle which just happens to be infested with ghosts and other assorted nasties while also being the home of the evil Professor X. Thus begins an adventure of epic proportions as they must explore the castle, defeating the bad guys as they go. In many ways, the game is very familiar stuff, with the usual running, jumping, crawling, kicking and sliding to be done as you make your way through the castle, but there are some nice weapons, like chainsaws and nunchuks thrown into the mix for some much appreciated variety. However, perhaps the biggest addition is the two player mode which allows two buddies to take on the quest together and which elevates the game into something else, thanks to the sheer uniqueness of this feature. In terms of visuals, Yo! Joe is quite characterful, with some lovely sprite work and atmospheric environments to enjoy while the level design itself is fairly clever and inventive and the controls are slick and intuitive. If you're playing solo, then this is average at best and can easily be ignored in favour of something better but if you have a second player then it becomes something that is worthy of your attention.

Fun but pretty average

This is a pretty simple and average hop and drop platform game (much like Dangerous Dave) that has something that is rare to see in this kind of game - a two player co-op mode. Actually, this is the best form of playing the game, so if you want 100 percent fun, better get a friend or member of family over to play. Otherwise, the game will be fun, but not in the same amount. There is not much to say about the game's gameplay since it is fairly typical - a lot of running, jumping and collecting items to get to the end of the level. The levels are designed with good imagination and they look and play very good. The animation is smooth and the character has a lot of agility and grace, which is good. The graphics are also very good for that era, while the soundtrack is good, but not something to keep in memory. Overall, while this game is pretty good and fun to play, it doesn't bring anything new to the genre and is at best - average. Still, worth a shot. As I said, for full enjoyment better bring a friend over!

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