Crime Time

Adventure 1990 Dos Dosbox Starbyte Software Mystery First person

Trapped, accused unjustly, in a hotel: adventure times!

In Crime Time you will feel as if you had a deja vu! But not a deja vu of a specific instance of gameplay or storytelling1 nope, in this god damned game, you'll feel like you're relieving bits and pieces from a plethora of other games and especially adventure of the 80s! But, don't worry, it's not because of some weird Ground Hog effect, nope, it is so because in Crime Time you are experiencing gameplay that was more or less stolen from many other creating, more or less obviously. I'd say more obviously, but I played lots of these games and maybe I'm beginning to suspect foul play everywhere! So, you're now a murder suspect, woken up in a derelict hotel. Who framed you? And why? Time's to find out! And you'll get down to a bit of investigatory work, the kind that you'd expect from someone in your position. Delivered well enough, though not as well as it could have been. The game is a bit of a perverse one, as it is fairly unoriginal in its premise and also very predictable. But, after a good round of Police Quest you might feel enticed to try this one too, and you'll find it to have a lot of cool material to get lost into.

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