The Labyrinth of Time

Adventure 1993 Dos Dosbox Electronic Arts Futuristic Puzzle based Fpp Sci fi

The story of Minos in point and click steampunk adventure

There is a whole subset of 90s adventure games that kind of shared a similar esthetic. It was mostly realized by using a lot of bloated textural architecture, lots of metal, lots of decoration and interesting environments. Yeah, the dominant visual element, regardless of time period, story or other ideas, was the use of steampunk inspired constructions. Yep, they sold we, they had a very uniquely interested geek following and generally could get away with a lot of ideas and stories, interpretations of philosophy, of antic history, of legends and so on. It was ripe with ideas, but after a while, the always on steampunk got to them, and became more of an inconvenience. Plus, these games all kind of played the same. Anyway, The Labyrinth of Time is a good exponent of that period of time, it has exactly that kind of a graphical envelope, but it tells the story of none other than the Olympian Minos and his maze, and Daedalus and all that. But, it's mythology in the making in steam punk tropes, which, while okay, workable, might already seem like a stretch for those that have already played loads of such games and no longer...feel them, if you know what I mean! So, well, while nothing will keep you from playing this one, the abuse of steampunk graphical elements might take you out of it. Else, if you haven't already had enough of steampunk first person adventures, try, for instance, Atlantis 2: Beyond Atlantis, great adventure, yet also ripe in steampunk, for no actual reason than, well, because it was cool!

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