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Just a little more playable than on the Spectrum

Arnhem is a ZX Spectrum game ported to the DOS environment, with all the good and the bad of what that meant. At any rate, what it is that the game doesn't really do as good, controls wise, is manage to use a more streamlined control scheme. It's all about keyboard control, so no easy selection of units or other streamlining of your units. Graphically, compared to the Spectrum version there are, indeed, a few more colors on the screen, but they are still the classic ZX ones, very bright, very annoying to look at for a long period of time. Therefore, playability, from a technical stand point is pretty low. In terms of the gameplay itself, if you can put up with all those inconveniences, I'd say it's a tad more complex than your everyday RISK, but nothing too complex or too engaging. The game uses WWII inspired units and tactics, and some hardcore WWII wargamers might find some value in that. I was underwhelmed, frustrated, and a bit annoyed at this game, even if I can generally stomach Spectrum games. However, this one is not a one of the better ones. Instead try, from the same series, Vulcan or Desert Rats, at least playability is a bit better with these ones.

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