Action 1995 Windows Khan Software Platformer Arcade style

Pac Man 2.0!

Shazy is very similar in build with Pac Man, however, graphically, game elements and game design wise, it's a massive upgrade. So, if you will, Shazy is like a 16bit era Pac Man, for a more video hungry audience, for whom the looks are more important. So, here's the gameplay deal: you want to eat all the pellets in the level, while staying away from the baddies, and, also, you want to do it fast. There are areas in the maze that are hiding a lot of extras, but you need to do certain tasks in order to unlock these areas. So, while you eat and hide from baddies, you also look for other objects. The top down looks of the game, sure are very celebration heavy! It's like Pac Man's birthday in Shazy! So, if you want arcade top down action with a bit of a puzzler vibe, this is a game that won't let you down. It's really going to put a smile on your face too, if you like games that are lighthearted and fun to sink into. Else, of course, a remix of Pac Man, more traditional, is definitely going to offer you a fun run.

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