RedCat 2: De ontvoering

Action 1995 Dos Davilex Platformer Arcade style

Average platform game for hardcore lovers

It is typical plat former game which supports a conventional plot but some real good action. The plot is that a princess named Dana has been abducted by a malicious group of mice who are controlled by a very evil wizard. Your mission as the noble Red Cat is to set on the quest to save the princess from the wizard and this quest has been dispersed in 8 levels of action and fun. The game has some really amusing antics and the posture of the hero Red Cat when shooting guns and other weapons is funny. The most exciting thing that I have found in this game is to see the mice that come down from the sky through balloons and fill up the screen to start the action. The graphics are though not much to talk about but they support the gameplay to some extent. Not many hidden options or surprises have been incorporated in the game play but the game has something which keeps you glued to the screen. Well it's not a great game but is still an average one and can be played for a good time pass. However it's no way near to platform games like Billy the Kid.

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