Strategy 1999 Windows Noah Hearle Real time Science Fiction

A fan made remake of Dune 2; more difficult

The game Dune 2 had created quite a stir with its fan base, and, because it was a beautiful real time strategy that many fell in love with, a couple of fans decided to remake it. What the intention of the remake was, was to increase the difficulty of the game organically, that is, not by tinkering with the numbers that defined the units, but by creating an AI that was more hardcore and that took more decisive actions during battles. Of course, the graphical onset still belongs to the original Dune 2 game, with few alterations here and there, but if you've played that one, you'll feel right at home. Naturally, the level of detail of the game is nowhere near to that of the original game, but don't worry that doesn't take away this game's playability. Also, in terms of game modes, the game features a skirmish mode, as well as customizable maps, with lots of detail to choose from spice resource abundance to others of the same kind. So, for Dune fans, Arrakis is a beautiful game, offering you more options and a smarter AI, with the occasional bug and issue that the fast development allowed in. Also, another good remake of Dune 2 is Super Dune 2, another beautiful revamp from fans, which added more options and more customization additions.

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