Super Dune 2

Strategy 1994 Dos Westwood Real time Science Fiction

Hmm, spice...

The original Dune 2 is a classic but often overlooked gem in the field of real time strategy, and later games like Command & Conquer owe an undoubted debt to it. It mixed solid tactical gameplay, a flexible and intuitive interface and some simple but elegant game design and mechanics to create a highly enjoyable experience. This Super version is essentially a mod of the original but which adds in a few new Houses to this adaptation of Frank Herbert's classic science fiction tale, as well as cranking up the difficulty several notches. The basic gameplay follows that now familiar template, with the player taking the role of a member of a powerful spice trading family on the desert world of Arrakis. What follows is a series of missions undertaken against rival Houses, where you must seek out the valuable spice, while building up your forces and sending them out to protect your transporters and other buildings from the attentions of your enemies. It might all sound standard stuff, and indeed now that we've got so used to seeing this sort of game everywhere, it's perhaps a little difficult to see what all the fuss is about. But the fact remains, that this is a first class experience simply because it gets everything right. And this Super version adds in new Houses and new units to create a game which is familiar, but which is very challenging, thanks to some super smart AI, and which will test even hardened genre veterans. Don't be put by the old-school visuals and instead treat yourself to a real history lesson which still has a lot to offer today.

Super Dune 2 - adding some more variety to the original Dune 2

The Dune series, within which Dune 2 played a vital role, is the original precursor to the real time strategy game StarCraft. But that's not to say that the games didn't have an important word to say on their own in determining the faith of the strategy game. Quite on the contrary, each Dune game was an original creation, bringing forth something that was not present before. However, these games didn't manage the level of excellence and fine tuning that later real strategy games would have, so, their shelf life was relatively small. In order to keep selling, Westwood had to come up with new products constantly, which is what Super Dune 2 actually is, a more polished but relatively the same game as Dune 2. To keep things interesting, the campaign that Super Dune 2 presented saw the rise of 3 new houses that substituted the original ones. So, with 6 new houses and a host of new buildings and units, this game managed to offer a more dynamic gameplay experience, which, can still interest real time strategists even today. Be worn though, Dune 2 is still a proto real time strategy. To play it you will have to make some concessions to the graphics as well as the game mechanics. But otherwise, the game will be very enjoyable and also much faster paced than Dune 2.

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