Urban Assault

Strategy 1998 Windows Microsoft Real time Science Fiction

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Ready for assault?

Urban Assault is a 1998 action real-time strategy game where you control and manage your own units. The action takes place in a futuristic era, a few years after a planetary nuclear holocaust. So, you will be responsible for order, surrounded by what remained form Earth after this worldwide catastrophe. You will engage in a war that combines elements of action and strategy. Play this game because you haven't got anything to lose! In this review I will punctuate both exciting and negative features. I will begin by saying that the two genre concepts from Urban Assault are played extremely well, and your development is enabled. For example, as you procced, you will use modern technology, you will unlock new weapons and personal upgrades when it comes to general defense. Also, you will be able to gain more energy and to create buildings and various units, and this option will give you more power and the possibility to conquer large regions. The story is interesting, and you will receive many objectives that will keep you entertained, busy and involved. The music area is not that special, neither the graphics, but you will be attracted by the effects of the action, like explosions or heavy attacks. Who is ready now for assault?

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