Arcade 1993 Dos Dosbox Bloodhouse Vertical shooter

Arcade shooter similar to Asteroids

If you're looking for a game that packs that Asteroids vibe but is more colorful, then Stardust can certainly be what you are looking for. That is so because, while the main mechanic is similar, the game has a love story with color, and with background imagery, as of course the late DOS era allowed! So, what you are going to be doing is shoot the asteroids, the battleships that come your way, at times deal with bosses and when you're done move on to a new level. The game has quite a few challenges for you, challenges that will keep you occupied for hours on end. Controls wise, thankfully, this is a responsive a game as you'd want it to be, a game that knows where it's at, and that was very carefully calibrated. I'm saying this because the way your flying ship feels like is very nice, quite the treat actually, which, without question is lovely. Play it if you want a laid back controls wise shooter, which doesn't shy away from packing some challenges along the way, and, if you like it, see how you like Super Stardust, which takes the recipe even further, packing in even more diversity and even more stages.

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