Grand Prix 500 cc

Racing 1986 Dos Microids Motorbike

So oldschool you might have played it on your dumb phone!

Grand Prix 500 cc plays exactly like the mid 90s dumb phones that sort of jumped into the world of multicolored LCD screens, where little racers, puzzlers and small games were all the fuss and the novelty. Anyway, Grand Prix 500 cc is a moto racer, and it's a frint scrolling of sprites kind of experience, relatively fast, relatively easy to control, and as the type of game allowed, it's a pure arcader. You will be racing on mostly similar tracks, which, if you didn't know better (from overplaying it, hehe!) you would think that the curves are created as you go, never repeating twice! But in fact, there are tracks that have been prebuilt so, that's just an illusion, but one that can cost you valuable time. Alright, not that much, because the races are pretty elastic, if you know what I mean, you basically got to go for a period without going outside the track and without hitting the other racers, and you are pretty much guaranteed to win. Thus, this is more of a twitch reflex and learning how to negotiate hitting the breaks type, well, puzzle racer, which, at least for me, which I've grown on such games, is a fun nostalgic experience. Also, similar to Motocross, which takes the same idea but transplants it into a dirt track themed world, so there you go, pick your favorite!

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