Assault Rigs

Action 1996 Dos Psygnosis Shooter

It lacks of good taste

Assault Rigs is an action game released in 1992, by Psygnosis, a company whose employers dedicated to an activity that was hard to be erased over time. You control a tank in a futuristic maze, where you have to solve puzzles and shoot enemy machines. During the 42 levels, you can collect weaponry (mines, missiles, mini guns, laser cannons) and deal with many obstacles. The puzzles require you to push blocks, moving them down the ramps into building bridges. The gameplay control is kind of messy and I will tell you why I say this. You can easily fall from a hill, and you will find yourself on your back instantly. The graphics aren't special, they could have been better, and I felt I was getting lost into an environment that lacks of good taste, from a visual point of view. The arenas are indeed fully textured, but my eyes weren't impressed, sorry. I didn't manage to finish this game for the simple reason it didn't attract me enough. The more you proceed, the more you will feel less excited, realizing it is a waste of time. But, I am pretty sure you won't return to Assault Rigs again once you struggled to end it. There simply aren't many things to see or do in this game, but at least see if I am wrong, by trying it.

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