Action 1995 Dos Dosbox Psygnosis Shooter Unconventional

Precursor to Descent, the ultimate mid 90s arcade flight game

In Pyrotechnica you will be engaged in the same kind of gameplay that Descent, which will come to be released a little later, will come to steal the show. Anyway, the Earth has gone to smithereens and therefore it is your job to try and salvage what is left of it. In truth, whether you give a look or care about the story that is entirely up to you. The game sure doesn't force you to soak it up; most of the game you will largely have to fight your way with the controls and with the 3D rather claustrophobic levels, that manage to always skewer your positioning, as you'll rarely know what or where you need to be headed. But, well, that was the gamble here, offer you free reign in this 3D environment, without taking the third person perspective away from you, or just make the game less immediate. Graphically, just as Descent, the game is by no means much of a looker, though it sure doesn't look bad. However, it manages to create an eerie atmosphere with its outwardly designs, which can be a plus or a minus, depending on how you see it. I know I kind of steer away from it because it can be quite dizzying for me, but then again, that's again, a very personal thing.

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