Action 1995 Dos KUDOS Shooter

A special kind of shooting game

In AUTS you control a rocket, and, while steering it is one task you'll have to get around with, there are also some other activities that demand your attention. The bidimensional world of the game, drawn quite crudely and mechanically, with straight lines and blocks of color is the space where you will have to target the enemies and try and shoot them before they get the chance to crash into you or to shoot you. Yep, it's like an arcade game, but it feels so much like a DOS action game, you know the kind of crude DOS era freeware that people would release just to that they could make a name for themselves. And, so, with that kind of idea in mind, you would have to go a bit out of your way to actually find fault with it, but, ultimately, AUTS is a game that can be fun. TI doesn't pack a lot of diversity, but it does have some cool features, and, thus, it is a game that is worth sinking into, if you love early experimental games. Sure, it has that retro hipster thing going on about itself, but that is not all that it has, it can be said that this is definitely a serious, if experimental game. Try it, or download Scorched Earth around, for some reason it reminded me of that time more than any other.

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