Action 1996 Dos Dosbox Core Design Shooter Robots

You will be addicted to it

This arcade style shooter game has a very good theme and is very distinct in the sense that the shooter this time will be a tank. The plot is that whenever some unforeseen or adverse situation arises, a tank force is called to counter enemies such as terrorists. The role you have is to play as a rookie in this team and prove your skill by performing in and completing around 25 different missions. Every mission is tougher and diverse than the other. There are various scenarios and locations in the game which add to its diversity and also indicates towards the unique level designs that they have managed to formulate. The tank that you will be playing is the thrill factor in the game as it is nothing but a great predator which has unlimited firing and some very destructive weapons that can be easily upgraded through the course of the game. The UI in the game is also good and you can interact with the other team members to get an idea about the mission and to know important facts. The graphics in the game are very decent and the action sequences where you will destroy enemy basis and buildings are very thrilling. I have found it quite similar to Doom.

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