Tank Arena

Action 1996 Windows 3.14 Software Shooter

Top down shooter, tanks themed, 2D

In Tank Arena, as the name suggests, you can enter a tank vs. tank competition, in which, from a top down perspective, with graphics resembling the RPGs of the 16 bit era, you try to destroy as many enemy tanks as possible. Of course, the game is not too hard, that is, if you play against lenient human opponents, but the pace can pick it up quite fast, and in no time, you're shooting and dodging projectiles like crazy. While a multiplayer game, you can only play locally, via split screen configurations. You'll like the graphics, especially the cool special effects, and the way the tanks can burst into so many pieces; yep it's got that Carmageddon kind of cartoonish violence about it, which works nice in the context, and if you like pixelated destruction, then you will have come to the right place! In terms of game modes, you can play capture the flag games, co-op missions or you can play against each other in direct battle. Fun, relatively small but easy to control and direct, gather your friends and go for a multiplayer round like it's 96 all over again!

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