Assault Wing

Strategy 2000 Windows Science Fiction

Superb multi-player shooter

If you enjoy fast-paced but simple actioners then this little known gem is bound to be right up your alley. The game features multi-player fun, plenty of ships and weapons to try out and some neat arenas in which to engage in some slick and competitive blasting action. The game allows for between two and four players to go head-to-head in several cave-like environments, controlling one of ten different ship types in their simple aim of blasting merry hell out of their opponents. The screen is split up between the players and is viewed via an overhead perspective as they zoom their way around the imaginatively designed levels, collecting power-ups, avoiding flamethrowers and seeking out their enemies. Power-ups include weapon upgrades, the ability to move through solid walls and add some nice variety to the game. Assault Wing really is a superb little game that is perfect for fans of manic experiences like Bomberman and the like. The action is pretty simple, but thanks to the wide variety of levels, ships and weapons, it doesn't get dull. Assault Wing is best played with four players and when experienced in this way, it becomes a classic multi-player experience, up there with Worms, MoleZ and Liero. The graphics are likewise fairly uncomplicated, with straightforward ship designs, but with some really interesting and unusual backdrops and some slick parallax scrolling to add some visual appeal. If you are looking for a game to enjoy with your friends, then this is the perfect option and provides hours of entertainment.

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