Tom & Jerry in House Trap

Arcade 2000 Windows Mattel Humorous Cartoon

You'll feel trapped

While Disney can usually be relied upon to turn out decent games (see Aladdin and Lion King for example), other games based on licensed animation don't seem to be quite so reliable and perhaps Warner Bros should have looked elsewhere for a developer. House Trap is basically a rip off of the classic Spy vs Spy series but unlike those games, this one fails almost entirely and is best avoided by anyone but the most hardened of Tom & Jerry fans. The goal here is to pit the arch enemies against each other but roaming around a series of environments while setting devious traps to catch the other one out. You've got access to things like soap bars, ironing boards, roller skates and frying pans, each with varying degrees of subtlety and damage. There are around fifteen different rooms to explore, most of which are based on the familiar house we all know from the cartoons, while the game can be played in one or two player mode and there are some other characters from the shows who occasionally pop up to offer advice. Although this could have been a fun little game, as the stars are basically the ones who invented this madcap cartoon violence, the game is unfortunately a complete waste of time. The visuals are about the only decent point, with some brightly colored environments and decent character work. However, everything else is dire, from the wonky controls, to the overall pacing, which is sluggish, and the general gameplay which is just lacking anything even remotely approaching fun. It will take you just a short while to discover everything in the game but you'll wonder why you bothered.

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