Asterix im Morgenland

Adventure 1987 Dos Coktel Vision Cartoon Multimedia novel

Hard to get used to, awful graphically...

Asterix im Morgenland was originally produced for the more powerful at the time CPC computer line, known to handle more colors and to display better animations. Sure enough, it was a vastly more expensive computer, and, well, as was the case with many games back in the 80s they were ported on other platforms, one of which was the DOS IBM compatibles. But, of course this meant a cut down in quality for the graphics, which, its most direct result was that the colors which were beautiful and well blended in that game, turned to a mush of green and blue and yellow and atomic greens and so on, you know, the CGA spectrum, which looked like a little catastrophe in the happening! Yep, the game is ugly, kind of funny if you have the stomach for this kind of unintentional fun, but, for me, it's ultimately unplayable. Otherwise it's not the world's most unfathomable adventure game, on the contrary, it's playable, but putting up with the graphics is more than I was able to do, unfortunately. Nope, for me, playing Asterix and Obelix is something to be done in Asterix & Obelix XXL 2: Mission: Las Vegum, a modern action adventure, 3D and all that, released for XP (or better!) in 2005.

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