Adult 1987 Dos Dosbox Rudeware Puzzle based Arcade style

Gentlemens private parts shooting the lady bits!

The game is a wacky arcade shooter, where you'll be directing some very interesting bursts from a very interesting gun, trying to hit as many lady bits as possible! You've played this game before if you were an arcade fanatic, however, your missile launcher was generally depicted as a ship, while the enemies were all sort of aliens. Here, the graphic theme is mature, though rather cartoonish. However, I still wouldn't recommend it for children, as the cartoon depictions are certainly not too, let's say, egalitarian, they don't promote the equality of the two sexes! At any rate, judging this perverse little game on its gameplay merits, I have to say that it works just well enough to keep you in for a few minutes, until the graphic theme is no longer something to keep you interested. Then it all goes to waste, as the game is anything but diverse. A few more patterns in which the enemies come at you would have been nice, but that isn't the case with this game, unfortunately. At any rate, just to know that you've installed a game containing both astro and tit in the title is reason enough to give this one a go. It's worth that much, at least!

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