Adult 2000 Windows Speem Clinkenpeel Puzzle based Arcade style

Adult themed puzzler with strategic elements

This is a type of puzzler that combines some elements of strategy brought down to their most abstract to create a sort of puzzler that plays like an armed confrontation, like, say a puzzler version of the tactical portion of Starcraft. Ok, don't expect nothing like Starcraft per se, remember I'm just trying to explain how this game feel like. In terms of actual mechanics you will get more of a match 5 type game with mahjong elements in it. As the game progresses you will get more the sense that you need to consider your moves in advance to get a chance to win. And winning means uncovering a host of naked lady pictures, in the mature version of the game, while the all ages version features all sort of stock like pictures. The game has very clashy graphics, it uses very unusual textures for its playing field as well as very ugly and non descript graphical elements. It's not the kind of graphics clash you would like, say like in the platformers of old that would sprinkle the faux 3D element in there and just look funny. In this game it just looks very lazy and corporate not. So, the carelessness of the graphic design with the unsatisfying mechanics makes this an utter waste of time and not even the naked ladies backgrounds won't make it worth your while. Avoid, avoid, avoid.

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