Atlantis Evolution

Adventure 2004 Windows Akella Action based Futuristic Casual Minigame Arcade

Hidden city, hidden game

Atlantis Evolution is set in 1904 and stars Curtis Hewitt. After managing to survive a sinking ship, he falls into a whirlpool, which takes him to the underwater city named Atlantis. This city is based on a religious cult and all citizens spend their life trying to please their gods. The city is guarded by soldiers that search outlaws, who are imprisoned and transformed into harmless zombies. Curtis knows that he has to escape from that city in also save the citizens from their gods. Even so, the city of Atlantis is just gorgeous! The game is a first-person adventure game and you can rotate the map at 360 degrees. Most of the time will be spend talking with other characters and searching for items. You will have to solve a lot of puzzles, which aren't so hard. But there will be timed puzzles and you will have to start over and over again until you figure out how to solve it. The game menu is awful. There are some blue buttons without a description and you can see what that button do just after you clicked it. So saving the game or adjusting the graphics or volume, in this game, it's a pain. The game is pretty nice, the combination between technology and religion give a specific feeling. The voices are well done, but the soundtrack isn't so good. Due to the long time you have to spend on the puzzles and the some design issues, this game should stay hidden, just like Atlantis.

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