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Survive on an alien planet!

Bioforge is an action adventure game set on a distant planet. It is delivered both as an action game, in which you will endeavor to get the best of the many enemies that try to get you, but it also has a more adventure like portion, in which you try to solve puzzles and to find your way around. The game is built by using static 2D screens for the environments, which are actually cut outs of a 3D world, and you, the player character, in 3D. But, while at first the controls might be a little difficult to understand and get around to, you will soon find out that the game is quite easy to play, as these controls, from a third person perspective, with fixed cameras, will get more familiar and easy to use in time,. The Sci Fi theme of the game, in that later 90s steam punk build looks great, and you will find BioForge to be really interesting to play. So give it a try. Also, worth downloading is Cyberspace, also set in space and also with action and adventure portions, that really will get easier as you play.

A great kicker

Bioforge is a game that has to be played to be understood perfectly. But still, here we go. What I love about the game is that is full of masculinity, toghness and action, all three elements of a great action game. You are a lab rat, a test subject in a very shady corporation that has managed to turn you into a superhuman that is equipped with the coolest weapons and armor and can kill 10 guys in a row without breaking a sweat. It's not all about brainless action, though - there is a lot, and I mean a LOT of thinking and planning involved. If you stay around and beat the crap out of everybody, you'll get nothing done. You have to think your actions through and choose wisely to get to the end of the game. At times the game can be a real pain in the ass, especially if you don't take it seriously. There is a lot of work put into this game and should be treated as such. As action games go, this is by far one of the best. There will be times when you will really feel like there is nothing and nobody that you can't beat. A great adrenialine high. For similar games, try Out of This World.

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