Attack on Altair

Arcade 1983 Dos Dosbox Windmill Software Horizontal shooter

Text based shooting game in space; and it works!

Attack on Altair is like a Space Invaders game, but one that is built around the idea of trying to see if that sort of a game could work as a text based one, exclusively. Well, released in 82, or rather, produced in 82, since it never got a wide release, Attack on Altair is actually playable in spite of the non action oriented build of the controls, and, furthermore, it is a cool game, based on the idea of destroying all the space debris and aliens that come at you. As imagined, the graphics, well, are kind of lacking, but you'll want to give this one a look only to see the idea in action; it's definitely one of those oddities that you'll soon grow over, but for the five minutes of fiddling with it, it sure is a surprising experience. Plus, the game was released by the same company that had released Digger, and so, seeing that company's work in another kind of light is cool as well. So give Attack on Altair a go, it's an odd shooter game, from the immemorial times of the early 80s, and definitely a fun experience.

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