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Less-than-addictive head-scratching fun

If you're into strategic puzzle games which require a bit of lateral thinking and which test the old grey matter, you might be tempted to check this out. However, it's likely you'll end up disappointed as there really isn't much fun to be had here. The game takes you through various levels set at different times in human evolution but the only real difference this makes is a visual one and the gameplay isn't affected by the backdrops and they instead only serve to highlight the lack of interest in the actual game. The idea behind Timerace is to eliminate the board by placing a series of tiles on it in such a way that they cause the board to disappear. The tiles come in various colours and must be placed so that they form a square which then is removed from the board. If you remove all the squares from the board before the timer runs down, the level is completed and you move on to the next. You can rotate or move tiles but there are obstacles dotted around which hinder your efforts, so a careful and considered strategy is needed for success. While Timerace could have been an interesting attempt at a puzzler, it largely falls flat. While strong visuals are not a requisite for a good puzzle game, what's on display here is pretty poor, with the background art the only appealing feature but which is entirely superfluous and which is easily ignored. A bigger problem is that the main gameplay simply isn't that engaging or addictive in the way that the best such games should be. If you are a die-hard fan of puzzlers, by all means take a look at Timerace but it's unlikely you'll be spending more than a few minutes with this one.

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