Aventura Espacial

Adventure 1990 Dos Aventuras AD Science Fiction Puzzle based

Proper 90s sci-fi

This is a rather special little science fiction treat that might be tricky to get your head around, but if you can, you're in for a good time. It's a gloriously early 1990s adventure that sees players heading into the far future where a supercomputer has suddenly developed a mind of its own but which has turned out to be crazy and which is now threatening to destroy the planet. You have been chosen to lead the mission to bring this madness to a safe conclusion and must head with your team to the planet in question. However, you must first gather said team, which is easier said than done as they are all dotted around the universe. However, once you have hooked up with them, you can then proceed to the computer and attempt to deal with it. This requires the skills of each individual and the game plays out with a mix of styles, including full on combat and exploration and puzzle solving and which can perhaps be described as a graphic conversational adventure. This really is something of a quirky little game which is tricky to describe but which proves pretty compelling in practice. The first thing which hits you is the visuals which are highly striking and distinctive, with a lovely glossy, hard-edged sheen to everything and which are reminiscent of movies like Aliens. The environments are well detailed and really atmospheric, making the game a pleasure to explore. The gameplay is not quite to finely tuned, but remains intriguing and enjoyable, so if you fancy something a little unusual with a science fiction theme, this is worth a look.

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