Avernum: The Complete Saga

RPG 2000 Windows Spiderweb Software Isometric Organized Forces Turn based Role playing Fantasy


Individually, the Avernum games stand as pretty remarkable fantasy RPGs that combine a wonderfully crafted world with truly open-ended gameplay and thought-provoking moral decisions to great effect. If you've never experienced them before but are familiar with the Exile games (the first three Avernum titles are actually remakes of this series) or classic RPGs like Baldur's Gate, then this pack is the best way to get introduced. The games are all broadly similar in gameplay, being isometrically viewed adventures set in a complex world where you explore, engage in branching storylines through multiple-choice dialogues, engage in combat and all the other things that you see in titles like Fallout and Ultima. There are seven games here, so describing the story would be impossible, especially given their open-ended nature, and while the titles are mostly standalone, playing them in order is the best way to experience things. If you like your RPGs old-school and deep, then this is perhaps the ultimate package for you to get your kicks. Although the games don't vary all that much in terms of gameplay, with only a few new mechanics added or tweaked along the way, most of what's on offer here is superb stuff. There's certainly no shortage of depth or options and you could probably end up playing this package for years to come. This is thanks partially to the truly epic storytelling that is presented, which is fascinating and rich, so if you want to get lost in another world, take a trip to Avernum.

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