Arcade 1999 Windows Military Action based

Destroy all the submersibles arcader

This game is an arcade sidescroller, one screen only type game. You are the destroyer ship at the surface of the water; the enemies are the submersibles below. What do you have that they don't have? Well, you have bombs, bombs that you can drop on top of the subs heads, if they had heads, But, given that they don't have heads, you just make sure you hit them real good, and they will disappear in a little blast that doesn't quite look underwaterish! But that's beyond the point given that this game was a release from this single developer. At any rate, later on the submersibles will begin to attack you too and planes will being to attack you and you also get batteries of subs you can destroy with one sot, if you know where to place yourself. At any rate, a very involving game, given how small it is and its single developer. I can see it as a windowed time waster for those few minute breaks without issues, as it has this chain destruction of subs portion that is very engaging and also, controls that work absolutely smoothly. At any rate, try Submarine Fury as well, this one too makes justice to the WinDepth, and is very similar, if a little better graphically.

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