Captain Blood

Adventure 1988 Dos Dosbox ERE Informatique Science Fiction

Classical hit game with adventure and action

This adventure, action and sci-fi game became an instant hit when it first came to the scene of Atari St. It gives you a great mixture of strategy, action and adventure which makes the gameplay quite extravagant and exciting. Here you have five clones of yourself which you will have to destroy to suck out the blood which is necessary for your survival. The compelling setting and the alien language which you will have to learn is the hallmark about this game. A nonlinear and unpredictable adventure portion has been incorporated where you will get to counter planets that are randomly generated. The interface is though fine but you need to first understand it and read it carefully so that you can easily get used to it. The game is surely a top recommendation for adventure seekers in space games. The graphical interface has been kept quite futuristic and uses a lot of unique colors and animations which have been synchronized effectively with the controls of the game. From a gamer's point of view, the game is thoroughly interesting because the adventure and the action elements has been attached with good strategy which keeps you thinking all the time. It game has a lot of similarities to the Sci-fi classic of 1984 i.e. Elite.

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