Balance of Power

Simulation 1988 Dos Mindscape Politics

Update to the original Balance of Power

The original Balance of Power was an innovative wargame back in the day, 85, a game that allowed you to take over the entire world. What this updated version brings to the table is the ability to play with an additional of 18 more countries, and control them as you see fit. Thus, this makes the playable country count in this game to 80 in total, each rather nicely done, with information and stats that reflect them quite well compared to their real life versions. The game also includes a much desired help system in the form of an advisory board included in the game, which will drop various hints as you play, so you never feel stuck or out of ideas of what to try out next. But, you might ask, what war does this war game bring to the forefront of gaming? Well, what it offers is a nice recreation of a cold war that continued to make waves in the world. Thus, your geopolitical strategies and the political undertones will feel very much at home with this game. So, be warned, Balance of Power (1990 edition) makes playing and knowing your next steps easier but it is a rather dated game. You will have to treat it with patience until you get the full extent of what can be done within it.

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