Pitstop 2

Racing 1988 Dos Dosbox Synergistic Software Arcade style

This racer misses pole position

While this sequel to the popular racing game Pitstop boasts one innovation that was novel for its time, by modern standards it is rather crude and offers only limited entertainment value now. Six international tracks are available, including the legendary Brands Hatch and Hockenheim courses and players can choose to race for three, six or nine laps, with three difficulty levels also selectable. As the name suggests, the game also gives you the chance to take a pitstop for repairs, but the only particularly interesting feature is the split screen two player option, which allows players to take on their friends in head to head action. While there is a good sensation of speed to the game, the handling of the cars is basic to say the least, requiring players to simply slide across the screen and around corners. This imprecision means that overtaking is a rather hit and miss affair, requiring luck rather than skill. Graphically, the game is also rather basic, even for its time, with courses which lack detail and which tend to look rather samey. Similarly, the sound, while realistic, is restricted to a constant engine droning which is likely to induce a headache and will cause most players to instantly turn down the volume. All in all, this is a very simple driving game which offers only little value, lacks excitement and quickly becomes dull and repetitive. True racing classics like Outrun and Super Hang On have aged better and are more worthy of investigation.

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