Circuit's edge

Adventure 1990 Dos Dosbox Infocom Mystery First person

My recommendation for a great adventure game

The game is a very diverse adventure and takes you deep into the world where you are in a city of drugs, action and some very notorious a complicated characters. It is one of those adventure games which turn out quite exploring in terms of the variety in the city. You will move freely in the city from one club to another, have fights, take drugs and counter many characters that have their unique history and presence to the gameplay. The gameplay is quite linear where you will have one event after the ending of another. It involves an endless and exciting wandering in the city with lax time constraints and some very good graphics and scenes which gel very good with this adventure and unique theme. The plot is very violent but it is his intensity in the gameplay which really makes it interesting for those who like to live on the edge. The UT is very interactive and striking and the narrations are very facilitating. The controls are also good and you also have many fighting sequences which depict many sites about this intense and criminal world. The game is highly recommended along with Mortville Manor which is one of my favorites.

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