Fallen Angel

Action 1989 Dos Dosbox Emerald Software Beat em up

An angel against the drug world!

In Fallen Angel, an early days EGA sidescroller you play a fallen angel (go figure!) that has yet another chance to prove himself, and doing that takes him back on Earth, where he has to put an end to the drug war. However, he is stripped of his powers, and has to do the job using just his wits and his powers, but these powers are pretty mundane; he can beat and punch, mostly! Yep, in terms of the action the game is more of a beat em up, but later on you'll gain more powers, and thus, the game will become a lot more interesting. The game takes you through all sort of locales, from the subway stations to some other areas. It's supposed to be dark, but the pinks and the magenta colors kind of wear the dark look on it. Still, gameplay wise it's an alright game; you can imagine that it never goes out of bound to create some remarkable, unseen locales; after all it's got a very limited palette with which it has to run, but I'd say, it manages a good job, even in spite of the lack of graphics building blocks to sweep you off your feet! So, overall, if you like games such as River City Ransom, Fallen Angel will definitely be in that league!

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