Manhattan Dealers

Action 1988 Dos Silmarils Beat em up

Ugly and not that fun but not broken

You can play Manhattan Dealers actually, and this thing is what aggravates me the most! Because the game, technically, mechanically, is fairly playable, but graphically, storywise and challenge wise it is such a waste of one's time! So here's the deal, you are going to be offered the most sterile of sidescroller platformers out there, and that alone is enough to aggravate. But then again, you say, hmm, I bet this is going to get better as time goes on. Well, guess again, because you guessed wrong. All that you get in the first few minutes you spend with this one is all that you will be getting form this title for its entire duration. And if that is not enough to steer you away, well think about it: this game was initially designed for the Commodore, and the porting team did the least smooth of a transitioning job to the DOS platform. Therefore, it's pretty ugly a game, and, with that lack of content to entice you it loses it's keep on you in quite a bit. Rather, see Street Fighting Man, at the very least this one has an interesting perspective for a beat em up action combo.

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