Super Solvers: Operation Neptune

Puzzle 1991 Dos Dosbox The Learning Company Education Math or logic

Engaging edutainment game

The Super Solver games tried and managed very well to capture the fascination of learning, of discovery and of using one's imagination, logic and math skills to uncover and to solve problems. The game had lots of different, varied assignments, all tasked around a cetral core narrative, which offered you a plus of reason to keep trudging even at a problem you might not have understood at first. This, coupled with decent, above the average for edutainment suites, lifted the game to a very interesting visual levels that still today keeps it fresh and playable. What you will need though is patience to learn the controls, which, over the course of the game can shift from one manner of control to a different one. But if you get used, no, scrape that, when you get used to it, you won't even notice it anymore. The game thus manages to remain playable for long periods of time, as the problems to solve are diverse and are interesting on their own to warrant keeping on playing. So, don't question this game if you're in for a classic, good quality edutainment, it deserves the time spent in it and can battle with modern iPad edutainment suites without issues.

Played on 286 pc

I remember playing this as a child on my old 286 computer. My sister had endless amounts of fun with it, and my sister beat it eventually. She had trouble with the last screen of the last level, so she put silly putty on the monitor where the enemies were, so she could avoid them quickly. The game is still fun for me today, and if I turn up the difficulty of the math problems it makes the game even more enjoyable. Have fun with this old gem, and thank you!

DOS game

An older game by The Learning Company, this was one of the first games using DOS that involved real interactivity, graphics, color, and plot. It involves the main character, a submarine, piloting hazerdous waters peacefully avoiding critters and looking for toxic waste to clean up.A good, fun, clean game for the old DOS OS.

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