Thomas The Tank Engine and Friends

Puzzle 1990 Dos Dosbox Peakstar Software Education Cartoon

Quaint but cheesy children's game

An adaptation of a classic English book and TV series, this is a simple diversion that remains true to its source material but is perhaps too simple to be enjoyable for today's younger audiences. The game is fairly basic and requires players to organise and control Thomas as he makes various special trips. These involve such thrilling activities as taking children to the seaside, delivering mail, or transporting medicine to a needy hospital. Various hazards such as dead ends, crossings, other trains or a lack of fuel get in the way of Thomas's fun but there are various items to be collected that can swing the balance back in your favour. The game is presented in fairly charming fashion, with accurate representations of the various characters and bright, cheery graphics that will appeal to the young or young-at-heart. The missions unfold via equally vibrant scenes but are told in quaint dialogue that captures the spirit of the time, but which now seems rather cheesy. This sums up the game on the whole quite accurately really, and this is less of an actual game and more of a record of days gone by, and which is only suited to nostalgia fans.

A great adaptation of a kids book

This is a very nice side scroller game kids will fall in love instantly. The game is based on a very famous series of books for children, which feature trains with smiley face on them. The game is set around Thomas, who has to make deliveries with increasing difficulty. You must deliver medical supplies or transport other kids to various location and much more. Of course, trains need fuel, so you have to also get that to run the train without problems. You can also acquire various other items that will help you on your way. The gameplay is pretty simplistic, meaning that kids will probably get the hang of the game fairly quickly. The graphics are pretty crude so kids will have a problem with getting used to the outdated graphics but still they very colorful and realistic, and the game is smooth and very enjoyable. If they liked the kid's story, then they will definitely like the game and if they've never heard of the books, this is a nice way for you to introduce them to them.

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