Batman: the Caped Crusader

Adventure 1988 Dos Dosbox Ocean Cartoon

Before Arkham City this was the way to play with Batman

Sometimes a no pretentions type game, a side scrolling beat them up and shooter mash up can be exactly what you want from your digital entertainment. Bring in our beloved Bruce Wayne, pit him against a number of physical as well as human obstacles and the recipe for a few hours of great entertainment are insured. This game will have you hunt down the nefarious Joker along with the old favorite, Mr. Penguin, who, in their particular fashion want to enslave Gotham once again. There will also be fights to be had which will require the use of Batman's famed arsenal of weapons. But, you won't spend your time only in the side scroller mode. You will also have to gather clues and put them together in such a fashion as to unlock the secrets of the bad guys. Truth be told, this is not the best sidescroller for the DOS operating system. If you really want a more mature experience and a more sprawling environment, Duke Nukem will be a much better option. However, if you're in for the Batman lore, the game will prove sufficiently well designed not to put you off, but again, don' expect a classic.

Inspired by the comic hero

This very good adventure game was inspired by a comic hero and actually consists of two little games that are very much alike. You are supposed to stop Joker and catch Penguin, separated in two games. You lead our hero through the comic boxes which is a very original and interesting idea. By pressing down fire you pick up objects or enter the inventory. In the inventory you lead a small Batman-sign in order to select the proper action. Five icons in the middle are for drop, use, exit inventory, restart the game or switch music on-off. You also see empty boxes. When you pick up an object, it will appear in the previously empty box as an icon. In order to use or drop it, you must first select the item and then select the action. Joker has set dynamite under the city and has captured Robin. You have to neutralize the explosives, help your friend and find Joker. In the second mission you need to catch Penguin. Both games look the same but are different in goals and puzzles.

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