Adventure 1987 Dos Infogrames Cartoon Action based

Typical but fun adventure game

It is an action based adventure game which involves roles playing elements and a lot of strategic elements as well. You will play as the vizier of the Baghdad where there is adventure and fantasy in the mist of desires and illusions. Your goal in the game is to overthrow the caliph and become the caliph yourself. For this purpose you will interact with a lot of characters and will go from place to place to collect various objects that will help you achieve your goal. The objects have varied uses and not all of them are useful. The characters in the game have their moods and nature and you will acquire objects from them by either providing objects or by flattering them or threatening them. The gameplay elements and the puzzles are of different nature throughout the course of the gameplay. The graphics in the game are very alluring and the interface is quite unique and simple. The controls are also well defined and they have been synced well with the gameplay. You have to make a combination of moves to be successful and the wrong moves will make you end up in the jail of the palace. Overall it is a fun game and is much like Flash Gordon.

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