Batman: Justice Unbalanced

Action 2003 Windows 1C Company Cartoon Puzzle based

I'm Batman!

If you've got junior Batman fans in the house and are looking for something to keep them entertained while educating them at the same time, this actually makes for a very good choice. It's aimed at kids in grade school and is a bit like the Carmen Sandiego titles and which tries to teach them about logical thinking and puzzle solving but in a way which isn't overly preachy or 'edutainment-y'. The basic setup here is that Two-Face and Penguin are trying to steal a bunch of valuable eggs, while also destroying a famous Gotham landmark, but of course Batman and Robin aren't going to stand for that. You'll help them out by playing through several levels of puzzling action which will test your critical thinking, logic, pattern recognition and other such skills. You'll explore Gotham and talk to various well known characters to pick up clues to the villains' whereabouts, with things like the Batcomputer available to help you out if necessary. You'll also find several different puzzles to solve, as well as some more action-oriented mini-games to try your hand at. As far as educational games go, this is a pretty good attempt. It uses the Batman license well to create an experience which is perfect for fans but which is also accessible and enjoyable for newcomers to the DC universe. The variety of activities is about right, and which should prove challenging but fun, and shouldn't ever get frustrating. The visuals too get the look and feel of Gotham and its inhabitants just right, and overall this makes for a good choice for a bit of Batman-themed edutainment.

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