Battle Arena Toshinden

Action 1995 Dos Playmates Interactive Entertainment Oriental Beat em up

Standard but enjoyable 3D brawler

While lacking in the depth and complexity of the best fighters, like Street Fighter IV, Battle Arena Toshinden makes for an enjoyably action-packed entry into the genre. The game was one of the first to introduce 3D to this style of beat 'em up, standing alongside Virtua Fighter, and it scores some points by simply being well done and by offering fighting fans what they want. There is the barest element of narrative to the game and which describes how the various characters have all been invited into a mysterious tournament and who each have their own motivations in their quest for victory, but it's all pretty insubstantial stuff and can easily be ignored. The fighting itself however, is much more interesting. There are eight characters initially playable, with more unlockable and which provide the usual variety of fighting styles to try out, but one of the game's interesting additions is that of weapons, similar to later games like Soul Edge and which gives it an extra degree of strategy. Apart from this, Battle Arena is a pretty standard fighter, simply requiring players engage in a series of bouts, making use of a variety of moves to knock merry hell out their opponents. The desperation move is a curious element, a special attack that can only be used when you're down to your last health and which also helps to give the game a little personality. Visually, this stands up a little better than Virtua Fighter, as it is less stylised, and the sprites and environments are chunky and well detailed, with a good sense of fluid movement. If you're a fighting fan, this is definitely worth spending some time with, thanks to its fast action but there are better example out there, so if you are new to the genre, consider checking something like Street Fighter IV out first.

Action, action and action! must try

It is a stunning action game with a plot that has fascinated me a lot. Though the basic theme is fighting but you will get to play eight different characters who are basically fighters from different regions who have been joined by destiny on a single platform. That platform is a fighting tournament where they will face off with different deadly fighters and this tournament is hosted by a secret and mysterious society known as the Secret Society. Some of the fighters are fighting for their loved ones and some are fighting to make their names live in history. Starting with the action, the action happens in real time and requires you to be good with the reflexes and this for me was a very good and competitive feature. The game has been designed in such a manner that even the newcomers to this genre can get a grip on it. Apart from the eight characters in the plot, you can also get to unlock other characters for playing in the tournament. The graphics in the game are very good for any gamer's liking because they are the best for those times. The gameplay is very smooth because the moves of the characters are very detailed and lag free and can be exercised quite easily. It plays very much like the Virtua Fighter and also has some sequels to its name.

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