Fist Fight

Action 1995 Dos Sunstar Oriental Beat em up

16 bit vanilla beat em up, nice, ultimately too minimalist

What I mostly find at fault with this game is the fact that, in spite of the 95 release date on it, it did very little to add to the very old, very much used up recipe. Who knows why it didn't try to add some elements of surprise or originality to the mix, but whatever the case, with thi game you won't feel any departure from the very old NES titles of old. Which can be alright, because, let's face it, if you are looking for a game that is all about the punching and the left to right journey, that will be enough, but, at the same time, you know, you might ask for some element that would suggest that the developers were hitting something a bit more interesting. So, yeah, love it or hate it, it's got that simplistic build and that overall lean build that works. Plus, controls wise it's a great game, and the 16 bit Windowsy look on this one works great for it. Yeah, it's no River City Ransom, for the better and the worst, but even so it's, ultimately, worth a look, even if only from the part of the beat em up fanatics only.

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